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  • Adventure Travel Expo Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane - running since 1995... We are an adventure travel expo with exhibitors from all over the world as well as Australia. Our visitors are made up of Australians and some overseas travellers.
    Our Owners Are passionate travellers themselves. We are not a large, impersonal corporation.  Our owners and management have travelled extensively and know the difference travelling can make to a person.
  • Expo beginnings... The expos began back in 1995... Back then the expo was known simply as the Backpackers Expo. The next change was to reflect the broader visitor and exhibitor demographic, and so changed to incorporate...
    Adventure Travel Expo Is the current name of the expo Today, local and overseas exhibitors come to the expo - with the largest visitor comprising local Australians looking to travel.
  • STA Travel Are the major sponsor of the expo series As global leaders in the youth and adventure travel market, STA Travel fit really well with the expos demographic.
    Other Sponsors UK-based Britbound and media company BBM Live are also sponsors We select our sponsors very carefully as they work with us to get the message of the expo out to our target audience. They also add value and flavour to the expo!

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Fiji Backpackers win the Global Adventure Tourism Award at Sydney 2014 Adventure Travel Expo. This is the interview from Radio Australia


Combat Dragon Jet Flight                                        Allison Badajos
Two for One 6 Days of Esperance                             Cassandra Jobe Scott
$1000 STA Travel Voucher                                       Phillip Ewu



STA Travel confirmed as sponsors for all expos. We are very happy to announce that we will be working with global youth travel agency STA Travel for the upcoming expo series. STA Travel will be integrating the expos with their on going marketing to ensure the message gets out to as many potential visitors as possible.


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